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A Laptop Screen Displaying "AI Leadership for Healthcare" AI Leadership for Healthcare is a Course

AI Leadership for Healthcare

Jan 19 - Jun 2, 2021

$2,500 Enroll

Full course description


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is forecasted to have a transformative impact on the delivery of patient care and the business of providing quality healthcare. This program aims to prepare healthcare professionals with an understanding of how AI applications and strategies are being deployed across the core functions of healthcare. The program will equip current and future healthcare leaders with the insights needed to critically evaluate AI opportunities, develop AI strategies, and lead AI projects.

By the end of this program, you will learn to:

  • Identify the right AI tool for different challenges and opportunities
  • Leverage advances in AI to empower providers and patients
  • Navigate the upcoming paradigm changes and turmoil
  • Implement and manage AI projects in healthcare

Course Outline

Program Orientation – Virtual Live Session  
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm ET

Module 1: Health Financial Management 
Facilitators: Dr. Dylan Roby and Dr. Melvin Seale
Dates: January 25 – February 19, 2021
Live Sessions: Every Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm ET

This module reviews the fundamentals of healthcare finance while learning how AI is being applied across the revenue cycle. Topics include medical coding, denial management, and fraud detection.

Module 2: Healthcare Operations and Patient Engagement 
Facilitator: Dr. Michelle Dugas
Dates: March 1 – March 26, 2021
Live Sessions: Every Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm ET

This module will introduce a variety of AI tools that have been used to reduce costs, minimize waste, and create value in the healthcare sector. The module will also showcase how to leverage AI for greater patient engagement by assessing patient preference, enhancing treatment precision, and improving service processes.

Module 3: Health Tech and Informatics
Dr. Kenyon Crowley
Dates: April 5 – April 30, 2021
Live Sessions: Every Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm ET

In this module, you will develop an understanding of core health informatics knowledge, systems and management concepts. Learn strategies, methods, and policies for effectively applying data from clinical, administrative, and analytical systems. Discuss current trends in cybersecurity, usability and cloud computing.

Module 4: Leading AI Transformation 
Facilitator: Dr. Neta Moye
Dates: May 3 – May 28, 2021
Live Sessions: Every Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm ET

Learn how to build AI capabilities across your organization and lead with data-driven strategy. In this module, you will learn about cultivating the right organizational culture, managing change, and the unique demands of introducing AI to the workplace.

Program Closing – Virtual Live Session  
Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm ET


Dylan H. Roby, PhD
Dr. Roby is Associate Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Dr. Roby’s research focus is on Medicaid, community health centers, safety net hospitals, delivery system change, and the Affordable Care Act's implications for insurance markets, system redesign, and access to care. He has been called on as an expert in healthcare financial policy by numerous national media outlets and was formerly director Health Economics and Evaluation Research Program at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research where he led innovative medical claims analyses.

Melvin Seale, PhD
Dr. Seale is Assistant Professor & Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Dr. Seale’s research focuses on interoperability and implementation of electronic health record systems within ambulatory care facilities. He previously served as Manager of Healthcare Quality & Compliance for the CVS Health Corporation and Director of the Health Information Management program at Gordon State College.

Kenyon Crowley, PhD, MBA, CPHIMS
Dr. Crowley serves as the managing director of the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS), he manages a broad portfolio of innovation activities aimed at improving the design, integration, and effective use of digital systems and analytics in healthcare. He frequently presents at national and international conferences, and has served as a scientific reviewer for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on health data analytics, mobile health applications for chronic disease, and health IT implementation.

Michelle Dugas, PhD
Dr. Dugas is a senior research scientist at CHIDS where she applies her background as a social psychologist to better understand how technology and analytics can be leveraged to help people achieve their health goals, address bias and disparities in care, and reduce burdens on providers and patients. Dr. Dugas has published peer-reviewed articles on digital health, healthcare marketing, and patient engagement.

Neta Moye, PhD
Dr. Moye is Clinical Professor of Leadership and Assistant Dean of Career Services at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Dr. Moye has over 25 years of experience in the field of human resources with particular expertise in helping individuals develop leadership skills. An award-winning instructor, she has designed and delivered courses to thousands of individuals spanning private and public sector, including for major health systems, all levels of leaders, and both non-degree and degree students within three top-25 MBA programs.

Guodong (Gordon) Gao, PhD, MBA
Dr. Gao is academic director of the AI Leadership for Healthcare program, and is the director of the Health Insights AI Lab, the co-director of the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS), and professor at the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. His research interests include Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, health IT, and quality transparency. Dr. Gao’s research has been profiled or featured in popular media such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and NPR news, and he is a recipient of the CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.

Registration Deadline:
January 15, 2021, 11:59 pm ET.
(space is limited)
Program Begins:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

18 weeks and 18 virtual live sessions:

  • Virtual live program orientation, January 19, 2021
  • 16 weeks of self-paced content with weekly virtual live sessions within each module, January 25 – May 28, 2021
  • Virtual live session program conclusion, June 1, 2021
Credits: 8.3 CEUs
(non-academic credits)
Healthcare industry professionals interested in how AI is transforming healthcare and seek to be fluent in the current opportunities, challenges and management techniques related to harnessing the power of AI to propel patient outcomes and business value.

*AIHC members, Big10 Conference Schools Alumni, or UMD alumni, please email for discount inquiries.

Course Notice: Non-credit courses and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) do not post to the University of Maryland transcript and do not count towards a student's academic record. Neither a grade nor credit is earned. Students do not receive a University ID card and will not be granted access to University facilities such as recreation, transportation, and campus events. Non-credit students may access UMD Libraries as Visitors; see

This is an Office of Extended Studies (OES) administered course. Contact Canvas Support if you experience any technical difficulties by calling (877) 399-4090 or by visiting the live chat.